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Road life – on and off, it all counts!

Wrapping up our fourth week of homelessness, or at least living without having a bricks and mortar home, all we can say at this point is that it has been an adventure, with perhaps just a tinge of regret. We sure do miss our former home, no doubt about it. And barely a day goes by without a reference or two to the only home Margo and I ever built together. On the other hand, these are such different times and each of us breathes a deep sigh of relief knowing full well that we had to end that chapter before we could begin another. Yes, it is pretty simplistic, but very real – we so much wanted to move on and try new things. So, what has life been like working and living out of a coach? Have there been any dramatic changes to our lifestyle? When you read the commentaries of full-time RVers, and there are plenty of sites where you can find such stories, what you quickly realize is that these folks are passionate about the lives they now lead. It would be hard for many of them to com

Homeless … well, yes, but enjoying life on the road!

It has been two weeks since we left our former home in Niwot and started living out of our company command center where we have now taken up residence. It is proving quite the adventure. Surprised? Well, actually, it has had its moments and some issues are still being worked out, but overall, we could live this life if we had to. Wait a minute; we have embraced this lifestyle! And yes, we had to. But on the flip side, it’s an entry point into potentially a lifestyle we may embrace more fully in the years to come and reading of others who RV permanently it’s hard to ignore the upside. And what exactly is the upside? It’s the carefree gypsy lifestyle, of course, something Toad of Wind in the Willows fame could relate to. We of course have spent a lot of time at Willow Springs, so perhaps a little of the mystique has finally rubbed off on us. However, in embracing this lifestyle as we have been doing for more than two weeks now, it’s still very much a compromise as we have been atte