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Dreamin’ ‘bout the West Coast

I've been dreamin' 'bout the West Coast (I've been dreamin') Found some faces that I don't know (I've been dreamin' about it) I'm seein' signs for California Trade the shade for somethin' warmer Business necessitated a trip to Northern California. We would be visiting areas surrounding San Francisco and it would be in two parts. Following one weekend where we would be on the peninsula proper a week or so later, we would be in the city. What to do? Two trips? Or were there other options to consider? In the days preceding our trip the words of this popular song keep playing in my mind. It was stark reminder that it has been two plus years since we last stepped foot in San Francisco, but then we had been dreaming of this trip for some time. All that time ago it was to spend time with our dear friends, Dieter and Chris Monch. You can check out the post that followed that short BizCation with this hyperlink, Going coastal – I hear the call of

It’s been a summer of housekeeping, habits and hobbies.

The late blooming of roses lining the perimeter fence reminds us both that summertime is well and truly upon us. Spring may have seen an explosion of color but around our home here in Windsor, Colorado, there is always something throwing off a splash of color. We continue to be surprised at just how well those little plants, bushes and trees have done in the few years we have lived here, but then again, it has been a summer to remember. Good spring rainfall has seen light afternoons rain showers continue deep into summer. Light afternoon rain showers? Well, there has been a lot of atmospheric activity and would be more accurate to say that the evening thunderstorms, typical at this time of year for the Rockies' front ranges, have produced a little more rain than normal such that barely a day has passed without a clap of thunder or two waking us from our early evening downtime. The end result though has been a level of greenery unseen for many years. For those readers who may not