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Dazed, on the road, knowing only where we have been!

March was a time to travel and once again it was a case of packing all we needed into the Jeep. The weather can turn on a dime and the forecast in the days leading up to our time on the road looked anything but promising. However, after the record breaking snowfalls of February, the month of March, which is the snowiest month of the year for the Colorado front ranges, saw very little snow but that didn’t mean we missed out on further cold snaps. It’s to be expected living in the foothills, with multiple peaks passing 14,000 feet the thermometer can head to the negative blue graduations pretty quickly, but all the same, it’s a time to enjoy home cooking and we certainly didn’t lack for anything as the weather kept us indoors. The picture above is of Margo throwing on a big pork chop that she was adding to a panful of spices and vegetables, mostly onions naturally, while on this occasion, even though I was out of sight, I mixed the evening’s martinis. However days on the road s