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Staying smooth! Making adjustments!

Once again, we only gave ourselves a few days to prepare for our third outing to the race track. This time, we were headed back to the high-speed Willow Springs track – the one marketed as the Fastest Track in the West. We spent the July 4th weekend back in Boulder, Colorado, with family, but had also taken time out to catch up with a number of friends. Part of the plan, in returning to Boulder, was to give Margo as much opportunity to drive the 6-speed stick-shift Corvette and to just re-familiarize with driving the “stick shift” model. After driving through the countryside, Margo improved considerably, but it only reinforced for me that she just needs to drive more often. As with most couples, whenever we take off on a trip, I tend to gravitate to the drivers side while Margo heads for the passenger seat – and this only started in the years we have been married! I am now very aware of this and when we take sight seeing trips I take the passenger seat half the time. Not easy, be

Gaining Confidence!

We have come off a period where a lot of travel was by car. Along the way, there was plenty of time to reflect on what we had learnt on the race track as part of the high performance driver education. Perhaps no better place to put what had been learnt into a real world scenario was driving the Pacific Coast Highway between Carmel, CA and Cambria, CA – a 100 mile stretch of road clinging to the coastal mountain ranges flanking Big Sur and perhaps one of the world’s great drives. Always fighting back the effects of erosion, the road winds around the many cliff faces before diving into canyons where the driver faces fierce switchbacks. Margo was the driver for all 100 miles, and what an improved performance. Not as far as speed was concerned as the highway’s treachery deters any all-out attack, but in terms of a new sense of confidence. I saw in Margo’s reading of the road, and the attention she paid to cambers and apexes, a new-found level of confidence I had not seen before, and