Wednesday, December 11, 2013

From the Holen-Buckle family – a holiday season update and greetings!

It’s the holiday season, once again, with a new year’s looming. For us both 2013 had many highlights, perhaps none that shone brighter than becoming grandparents for the first time. We welcomed Ella into the world in the spring and nothing has been quite the same since. We are doing our bit with babysitting, of course – more Grandma than Grandpa we have to admit – and are watching (as all proud grandparents do) all the signs of Ella growing and becoming more in tune with her new world.

Travel was once again high on our list of activities but perhaps our trip back to Australia was the highlight. After an absence of four years (unbelievable), we managed to spend time with the family including Lisa, as well as with Richard’s Mum (Mom). However, another highlight was just being able to drive to Wellsboro, Pennsylvania where Richard’s Dad spent several months in 1965 learning electronics, a pursuit that in all likelihood influenced Richard in ways he didn’t immediately recognize all those years ago.

The other trips to both coasts as well as to Canada included participating in events by Margo, whose’ encore-career is now developing traction as she settles in to the routine of organizing events for 1000 plus participants. Fortunately our trips weren’t simple point-to-point as we took time to catch up with old friends and to not simply loose the many friendships we have. We are slowing down, naturally, so keeping with people we really do like, and whose company we enjoy will likely become more of a priority in 2014.

We began mastering our RV but continue to change the cars in the garage. But that’s less exciting than simply having the option of going anywhere we like on short notice no matter the season. With only a couple of exceptions, we didn’t fly this year and that’s a pattern that will only become more evident in the coming years – although, this year, Margo passed the 1 million mile mark with United on her own merits. The motor cycles definitely took a back seat, so as to speak, and we will be revisiting whether we continue having adventures on them in 2014 – perhaps we need three wheels the next time we hit the highways! Our beloved Vette, pictured here, is gone… All for the better!

Christmas trees still need to go up and be decorated. Additional yule time trimmings need to be brought out and displayed. Food and drink brought in and menus planned. Appropriate music needs to be dialed in and festive lights lit. With no plans this year to spend the time between Christmas and the New Year somewhere warm, as has been our custom over the past couple of years, it will be definitely a time to relax and watch old movies – something we like to do.

Until next year, we wish you a very merry Christmas and the happiest of New Years!

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